Damaged Roof? We've Got You Covered.

Damaged Roof? We've Got You Covered.

Choose us for residential roofing services in Kissimmee & St. Cloud, FL

Has your roof been damaged in a storm? Maybe you've just noticed signs of deterioration and disrepair. Whether you need roofing installation or a repair, TSK Exteriors LLC can help. We provide a variety of residential roofing services for clients in Kissimmee & St. Cloud, FL.

We can repair, replace or install metal or asphalt shingle roofing on your home. Plus, we'll work with your insurance company to make sure you get the most from your claim.

Don't wait to get your roof repaired or replaced-call the professionals at TSK Exteriors today.

5 signs that you need a roof repair or replacement

The signs of roof damage are often obvious, making it easy to tell when you need to call TSK Exteriors for repair or replacement services. Some signs, however, can be hard to spot.

Call us for roof repair or replacement services if you notice:

  1. Shingles that are broken, bowed or missing
  2. Leaks in your home after a rainfall
  3. The presence of roof "valleys"
  4. A sagging roof deck
  5. Obvious storm or fire damage

If you need residential roofing services in Kissimmee & St. Cloud, FL, TSK Exteriors has got you covered. Contact us right away to learn more about our roofing installation and repair services.