Professional roofer tips on avoiding common mistakes

DIY projects can be an inexpensive alternative to contacting a professional roofer to come and perform the task. Yet, in order for them to be effective certain errors need to be avoided to ensure the best results. Listed below are some of these mistakes and how to avert them.

Installing on too low sloped decks or ones which lack any
One of the common errors which should be avoided is to perform the project on decks which are too low sloped or lack one. In situations where the decking lacks a slope, you should create one or request the assistance of a professional roofer. If the roof is too low sloped you should use proper material like SBS application, TPO and others.

Lack of or improper installation of the drip edge
Another common mistake to avoid is improper installation of the drip edge or ignoring to add one. Incorrect placing or lack of this part of the system can cause serious issues. This includes prematurely damaging the deck and fascia, creating an opening for insects and animals to infiltrate the attic and others.

Adding no leak barriers
This is also among the common errors to avoid. Leak barriers serve as additional protection against water infiltration in areas where fasteners and nails are used. This includes sections like the chimney, valleys, vertical walls, eaves, and skylights. These areas can vary depending on the region you live in.

DIY projects can be effective alternatives to contracting a professional roofer to come and perform the service. However, in order to prevent certain issues from appearing it is important to avoid certain errors. Among these mistakes are improper installation of drip edges, leak barriers and working on too low sloped decks. If you would like to learn about proper roof installation, contact a professional service provider such as TSK Exteriors in Kissimmee, FL.


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