Common Gutter Repair Issues: A Professional Roofing Contractor Explains


The most common problems which can happen to gutters and downspouts is blockages. Gutters will always be susceptible to clogs from debris, ranging from asphalt from shingles, leaves, and other organic material. Clogs are common, and the easiest problem to rectify. The first thing will be to remove debris which can be removed manually. Regarding the rest, a garden hose will wash any dirt and debris down the downspout.


A downspout can become blocked so, this however, is a bit more difficult to fix. When this occurs, reach down into the opening of your downspout, and try to pull out as much of the blockage as you can. When doing this job, always remember to wear rubber gloves, as exposed metal can be extremely sharp. Should your downspout still fail to flow after this, a pipe snake should do the rest.


After blockages, another common gutter repair issue is loose gutters. This is generally caused by nails or hangers coming loose. Should nails be used, then try to substitute them with gutter hangers. There are at least 3 kinds of gutter hangers available, all depending on a homeowner’s personal preference, plus what kind of gutter they have. In some cases, the problem could be with the roof fascia, it does sometimes deteriorate over time, which makes this a roof repair rather than a gutter service.


Another common repair is fixing leaking coming from joints or downspouts. A professional roofing contractor will patch a leak or replace the damaged sections, in order to resolve the problem. When it comes to patching, the area has to be first cleaned and sanded, in order to remove debris. The hole will then be patched using fiberglass mesh and roofing cement. Replacing the damaged section, means cutting a length of pipe, and simply fitting it into the assembly.


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